Photographed 13 March 2019
11”X14” framed to 16”X20”

One of my favorite things about Madrid, believe it or not, is its subway, The Metro. It’s clean, efficient, and inexpensive. There are few places in the city center that are more than a five or ten minute walk from a station, or two. I have taken many photographs beneath the streets of Madrid, and normally one of the trains that run the hundreds of miles of tracks are at least a secondary feature of the image. In this case, we had just stepped off a car that had brought us to our destination, and I spotted this woman sitting on the bench across the rails, on the other platform. She was the only person waiting to go in that direction, and the sparseness of the scene, combined with her focus on her phone intrigued me. What was she doing? Checking her bank account? Making plans with friends? Breaking up with a lover? Posting a photo to Instagram of the guy with the camera equipment in the subway station? I’ll never know, but that’s the wonderful thing about photos of strangers.

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