La Vera Cruz
Photographed 12 March 2018
8”X12” framed to 11”X14”
Segovia is a city of ancient wonders, including the 2nd century Acueducto Romano, the storybook Alcázar, and the ornate Catedral; all subjects of many photographs, and deservedly so. This church, however, is the one that caught my attention during my time in the city. La Iglesia de la Vera Cruz, or Church of the True Cross, sits on a small ledge across Río Erasma from the Alcázar de Segovia. It is visible from a number of viewpoints from the castle, including this one from Terraza del Pozo. I was so entranced by it that once I left the castle, I made my way down the hill and across the river to see it up close. The nearly monochromatic scene appealed to me, as did the sparseness of the vista.

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