El Viejo, La Sombra, La Luz, y El Cigarillo

Photographed 14 March 2019
8”X12” framed to 11”X14”

So much of the art of photography is serendipity. This is a classic case of it. On our way from the historic city of Toledo to the famous windmills of Consuegra, we stopped at the very small town of Orgaz. It's not much more than a crossroads of about 2,000 people along N-401 in La Mancha. I took a few photos of the castle that dominates it, then went to a small store to buy a bottle of water. As I headed back to the car, an old man walked towards me, sat down on the bench in front of the bus station and lit a cigarette. I noticed he had placed himself perfectly in the one small square of sunlight, enjoying the warmth of the day. I raised my camera, and took one shot. I waved, he waved back."Tenga un buen día" I said, "Igualmente" he replied, then went back to his thoughts and cigarette, as I continued to the car and the continuation of our adventure.

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