Metro Mirror

Photographed 17 March 2019
11”X17” framed to 16”X20”
Again, I am below the streets of Madrid, specifically, below Plaza Tirso de Molina, and again I am photographing the Metro. Capturing a person between the cars of a subway is not an easy task. You have to be in the right place, they have to be in the right place, the train does as well, and you have to take the photo at just the right moment. My aim in this photo, originally, was to capture a couple embracing on the opposite platform. Unfortunately, by the time the train was in the right place, the hug was over and she was bending over. That’s when being lucky is sometimes better than being good. I had taken a series of photos to capture the moment when they would be between the cars, and in the frame before that happened, I captured this nearly symmetrical image of two men on the platform framed by the windows of the Metro car.

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