Art Walk

Photographed 16 March 2019
8”X12” framed to 11”X14”

Not far from the designer stores of Calle Serrano, underneath a bridge, is a public sculpture museum. What an amazing thing for a city to have, art that can be enjoyed by all. This plaza is home to works by some leading names in Spanish art including Joan Miró. The piece on the bridge abutment is designed to appear to be waves, and is enhanced by a cooling flow of water cascading down. For this photograph I thought in terms of layers, the stair railing in front of me, so far out of focus that is nearly invisible, yet it still adds depth. The cascade and its highlights drawing the eye further in, the triangle formed by the stairs, the bridge, and railing bring the couple climbing opposite me into focus. As with the other photographs here in black and white, this was always intended to lack color and let the luminosity and contrast tell the story.

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